Creating Patterns In Photoshop

There is lots of tutorials on the web for making your own patterns, some uses outside filters and others dont,
In this tutorial i am going to show you the easiest way i know of to create seamless patterns using the built in offset option in photoshop then how to use and save them.

I am using Photoshop CS3 but im sure you will be able to do it in other versions.

We will create a very basic circle pattern just so you can get the hang of it.

File>New, create a new image 500x500 pixels 300dpi with a transparent background.(you can use any size you prefer but it must always be square)
Select your circle shape tool, make sure fill pixels is selected in the tool bar at the top:

Choose a colour for your circle in your foreground.
Now hold down your shift key and draw out a circle on your canvas but dont go too near to the edges.
Select>Select All.
Layers>Align Layers To Selection>Vertical Centres,
Layers>Align Layers To Selection>Horizontal Centres.

Filter>Other>Offset, and use the settings below  (If your original image was a different size, enter half its width and height).

Now continue to fill in the centre of the image with anything you like.

I filled mine with some more circles:

In this one i still used circles but added some other preset shapes on top:

You can now turn it into a pattern by going to Edit>Define Pattern, enter a name for your pattern then press ok.

To use your new pattern:

File>New, create a new image 3600x3600 pixels 300dpi with a transparent background.(you can use any size you prefer)

Contents -Pattern
Custom Pattern - Search for the pattern you just added.

You normally dont need to change any more settings here, press ok.
Your page should now be filled with your pattern!.

To save your new pattern:

Edit>Preset Manager

Preset Type - Patterns

Hold down CTrl and click on any patterns you want to save as a set then go to Save Set. (see below)

Give your new pattern set a name and save to your computer.
You can now use your patterns over and over and even share them with other photoshop users!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!.

I turned my patterns from this tutorial into transparent overlays if you like them you can grab them here